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K9 Conquest is the brand for active people and active dogs. We deliver the tools you need to take on the great outdoors with your canine companior

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Why K9 Conquest

Established customer trust by providing benefits



We know just how important it is for our products to last, and it shows. Strong materials and long-lasting designs ensure that our products will be with you for the adventures to come.



We prioritize the quality of our designs and materials in order to give our customers what they deserve: a comfortable, safe, and practical experience with their canine companions.



We know that our designs are practical and easy to use; that's why you're here. When you buy one of our products, you know it will work, and it will work well. 

Dog friendly adventures

Safe Boating With Your Dog

Here Are Some Tips for Guaranteed Safety While Boating With Your Dog

Dogs love the water, and what could be more fun than taking them out on a boat? Here are a few things to remember when boating with your furry friend.

Hiking With Your Dog

What are Some Tips for Enjoyment When Active Hiking with Your Dog?

Hiking with dogs is a great way to bond with your furry friend while getting fresh air and exercise. It’s essential to be prepared before hitting the trail.


About K9 Conquest

We love dogs, and we love active outdoor adventures.  We created K9 Conquest to match the needs of dog lovers with products that will help them safely and practically enjoy these adventures with their canine friends along with the companions they are meant to be.

We carefully manufacture or curate products for dogs and their owners that are durable, safe, functional, and practical.  If you encounter any problems with one of our products, let us know immediately so we can make it right for you and future customers.

We're always looking for new ideas for products, adventures, travel locations, or stories.  If you have anything you want to share with the K9 Conquest community and us, go to the Contact Us page and send it to us.

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship.


We write articles about dogs and dog adventures from time to time.  We also find interesting new products for adventurous dog owners.  If you want to get notified about these things, sign up here.  No spam, just content we'd want to read.

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